Brush Pen! Brush Pen!

Brush Pen! Brush Pen!

Hello peeps! Wishing you a great day, may you achieve whatever you have planned for today!

In today's blog, we want to share some of our favourite brush pens! They are suitable for writing, journaling, drawing or even colouring!

We have assorted sizes of brush pens available, suitable for all people, no matter your writing is in bigger or smaller size!

Let's start with those single end brush pen!

The first one will be Pentel fude brush sign pen!

33699398Pentel Touch fude sign pen 12 colour choices

There are a total of 24 colours available! Pick your own favourite colours!

Small size, durable felt tip offers good control while drawing varying line widths. Water-based dye provided brilliant, vibrant colours!

With moderate pressure, we can modify the line width of handwriting from 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm. 

Great for brush lettering and illustrations!

16017115Pentel Touch fude sign pen new 12 colour choices

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The next one will be Sakura Koi colouring brush pen!

Sakura Koi colouring brush pen pink-purple colour

A wider range of colour options, 48 colours available, and a Blender (XBR#00)!

Water-based dyestuff ink, less unpleasant odour! Ideal for drawing and sketching! 

Colour can be blended with Blender (XBR#00), a colourless ink pen specially made for mixing and blending colours together!

Pigma Micron is recommended for outlining before colouring with this item!

33590243Sakura Pigma Micron black colour

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And there are twin tip brush pen too!

The first one we would like to introduce is Zebra Mildliner brush pen!

Yes! Mildliner series has brush pen too!

There are Mildliner highlight + fine tip marker combination and brush pen + fine tip marker combination! Choose the one you like according to your needs!

14493411Zebra Mildliner brush tip

There are 15 colour choices available!

Pigment-based, acid free ink is water resistant and doesn't bleed through your paper, excellent for layering.

The brush tip is like an artist's brush, allowing thick or thin strokes while the fine tip marker provides a more consistent line!

14493412Zebra Mildliner fine tip 

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The last twin tip brush pen we would like to introduce is Sailor Shikiori brush pen!

This is out latest new brand in the house brush pen series!

46261310Sailor Shikiori brush pen

A total of 20 bright and brilliant colours for you to choose from, featuring brush tip for calligraphy, and extra fine tip - almost like gel pen/ball pen 0.5mm nib for writing or drawing!

The colours available are representing 4 seasons, which is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter! Choose the colours that you like!

They are available in sets if you want to grab all of the colours!

46261332Sailor Shikiori brush pen colour swatch

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Thank you for visiting us and we are wishing you a nice day! Enjoy whatever you are doing, may happiness will always be with you!

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