Bunkuya means “Stationery House”

A place that not only feel like home but also full of all kinds of stationery & art supplies.

It is a combination of “bungu” & “ya” which origin from Japan.

 “Bungu” (文具 in kanji) is “Stationery”

 “Ya” (屋 in kanji) is “House”

We localize the “bungu” into “bunku” as it sounds like “book” in Malay. 

Why Bunkuya is inspired by Japan?

Japanese company not only provide high good quality products but also a great design on functionality that fit consumers needs perfectly without even notice by consumers themselves.

Bunkuya learns from this culture and aims to provide similar services for our customers.

On the other hand, 21 century is a The changing times. An era in which technology is developing very rapidly. People always mention that we will not be using stationery like pens, pencils, or papers as much as before.

All the renewal speed of all is so quick, young generation always carry their electronic devices around while the rhythm of the life of adults increases, so the timing also has become a luxury.

Thus, we wish we can provide a gathering place that connects all generations in once.

Adults can slow down the rhythm while relaxing in here. We can even start our interest that we left years ago. 

Young generation can even put aside the devices and get fun in this stationery world as it is a huge world that waiting for us to discover ourselves.

Let’s enjoy in Bunkuya!

We are not done yet... 

we have something NEW after this dramatically 5 years!!

new Collaboration Brands & a cozy Co-Working Space

Bunbosha - a Study & Working Space