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Alpha Twin Tip Brush Marker Part 1

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Brand: Alpha

Made in Korea. 

Alcohol-based inks and dissolve toner ink on paper copies. 

Make brilliant color tones and perfectly clean artwork on copies. 

Advanced ink formulation provide rich color saturation with smooth, silky ink flow and coverage. 

Quick Dry ink with AP certified Non-Toxic, Conform to ASTM. 

Each marker has 2 tips, drawing in brush and broad lines. 

Body provides an easy grip and easy to open.

Click this link to see other option colours:

Part 1: Pale Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Golden Yellow, Naples Yellow, Mustard, Yellow Ochre, Yellow Ochre Deep, Bright Yellow, Imperial Yellow, Yellow Orange, Cadmium Orange, Light Peach, Coral Rose, Vermilion, Scarlet, Pale Peach.


Part 2: Peach, Coral, Crimson, Cardinal, Pink, Light Magenta, Bright Pink, Magenta, Light Rose, Lilac, Violet, Light Violet, Lavender, Blue Violet, Ivory Cream, Javne Brillant.


Part 3: Medium Wood, Sienna, Almond, Brick, Chocolate, Cacao, Brick Beige, Vandyke Brown, Yellow Green Light, Yellow Green, Lawn Green, Fresh Green, Vivid Green, Lime Punch, Malachite, Viridian.


Part 4: Medium Green, Light Pine Green, Aqua, Pale Olive, Olive, Marine Green, Cyan, Dark Turqouise, Process Blue, Peacock Blue, RIver Blue, Light Blue, Fair Aqua, Aqua Sky, Ultramarine Light, Prussian Blue.


Part 5: Cool Gray 01, Cool Gray 03, Cool Gray 05, Cool Gray 07, Cool Gray 09, Toner Gray 05, Toner Gray 07, Warm Gray 01, Warm Gray 03, Warm Gray 05, Warm Gray 07, Warm Gray 09, Warm Gray 09, Black.