Cute Cute! Pen Pouch!

Cute Cute! Pen Pouch!

Hello peeps! Wishing you a great day, may you achieve whatever you have planned for today!

In today's blog, we want to share some cute pen pouch to you all!

Now featuring Nuimee, a kind of cute stuffed animal pen pouch that can seat on your desk! There are a few interesting designs on Nuimee pen pouch!

There's a slot on their "hands/paws" for you to display your favourite pens, pencils etc. It is cute when you let them hold your pens! Fluffiness and cuteness overload!

4 designs available for different animal lovers! There are kittens, doggy, panda & bear!

The capacity of this pen pouch is cute, about 15 pens, with the diameter of 10mm can be kept inside the pouch. So, it is suitable for keeping frequently used pens!

Do note that something sharp like scissors and cutters are not recommended to be kept inside this cutie as it may cause damages to the inner layer of the pouch!

Come and get one for yourself!


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