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Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour Paint Medium 75ml

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Depending on our style and technique, there are a wide range of traditional oils, mediums, and solvents to help us control our colour as well as varnishes to protect our work and provide a final finish. 

Used to modify the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow or add texture, mediums should be used in moderation as an additive to the colour. 

Winsor & Newton also recommend avoiding adding multiple mediums to oil colour. 

Colour Option:

  1. Artist's Picture Cleaner
  2. Distilled Turpentine
  3. Artists' Gloss Varnish
  4. Artists' Retouching Varnish
  5. Sansodor
  6. Artist's Painting Medium
  7. Fast Drying Medium
  8. Liquin Original
  9. Bleeding & Glazing Medium

Artists' Painting Medium

A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks. Reduces consistency & improves flow.Suitable for oiling out & enriching dull patches. Resistant to yellowing.

Liquin Original

Speed drying. Improves gloss. Reduces brush stroke retention and resists yellowing. Not suitable as a varnish.

Blending & Glazing Medium

Improves transparency and depth. Slows drying and improves flow. For blending, glazing, stroke work, antiquing and staining. 

Artists' Picture Cleaner

A natural resin/oil emulsion containing ammonia designed for cleaning varnished paintings. It works by dissolving linseed oil oxidation and will remove surface dirt and the products of oxidation in the old varnish. Shake before and during use. 

Distilled Turpentine

A fast evaporating, highly refined essential oil with the strongest thinning & brush cleaning power of all Artists' grade solvents. Suitable for removing varnish (including Dammar Varnish).

Artists' Gloss Varnish

Suitable for oil/alkyd/acrylic paintings. With UV Protection. Removable with White/Mineral Spirit or Turpentine. 

Artists' Retouching Varnish

A UV resistant gloss varnish which gives temporary protection to recently completed oil paintings. Quick drying.

Sansodor (Low Odour Solvent)

A low odour solvent which evaporates slowly, increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes. Suitable for oil & alkyd colour.

Fast Drying Medium

Speed Drying & Increases Gloss. Smoothes brushwork & increases transparency. Excellent for glazing and producing fine detail. Clean with water.

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