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Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton Sketching Pencil

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RM 83.90
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RM 83.90
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Tin Set 10's

  • Tin contains 3 assorted grades of graphite pencil (2B, 6B and 8B); 4 charcoal pencils in white, sepia, black and charcoal; a blending stump; white winyl earser and metal sharpener.
  • Presented in a simple tin.
  • Ideal for sketching and drawing.
  • clyndrical barrels in an understated grey livery, with the ends dipped in varying shades to indicate lead grade or colour.
  • Aromatic cedarwood casing, easy to sharpen leads that are break-resistant.

Tin Set 6's

  • The classic charcoal and graphite pencils included blend easily to create evocative shading, making them ideal for striking life drawings.
  • Included in this set: White charcoal, medium charcoal, hard charcoal, sepia, plus 4B and 8B graphite pencil.
  • Presented in a simple tin.

With Eraser 5's

  • The pencils feature break-resistant cores and point with high quality binders to help resist fracturing as easily under preasure.
  • For all kinds of sketching and drawing.
  • Four sketch pencils (white charcoal, sepia, medium charcoal & hard charcoal) in a 5-piece set including Winsor & Newton eraser.