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Uniball Kuru Toga Advance Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

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RM 33.00
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RM 33.00
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  • The Kuru Toga Advance features an updated "W Speed" mechanism, which rotates the lead twice as fast as standard Kuru Toga pencils so that the lead gets sharpened twice as quickly. 
  • The Advance's mechanism also features metal parts for smoother, more reliable performance. Also features a sliding lead sleeve (guide pipe) that protects the lead as you write.
  • As you write and the lead gets shorter, the sleeve slides into the pencil, getting shorter along with the lead. that you can write continuously without clicking to extend more lead, all the way until the sleeve gets too short. 
  • The sleeve can be fully retracted when the pencil is not being used, protecting it from getting bent or poking a hole in your pocket or pencil case.