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Tombow Mono DPA-136 Mechanical Pencil Pastel Series 0.5mm

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  • Product features:
    • Twist type "MONO Eraser"
      • Twist to adjust the length of the eraser. 
      • Comes with a MONO quality eraser.
    • Featuring "shake mechanism"
      • To advance the lead: hold the pen nib down and shake it back and forth. 
      • There is no need to re-grip the pencil to advance the lead.
    • "Shake lock": Push he clip up to enable the "shake lock" and prevent accidental advancing of the lead.
    • Advancing the lead by the side clip-knock: Lead can be advanced also by pushing down the clip.
    • Available in 0.5mm: 4 mm pipe offers precise writing and drawing, making MONO graph a perfect writing tool for detailed work.
  • Pastel colour series: 6 colour choices available
    • Coral pink
    • Sakura pink
    • Lavender
    • Ice blue
    • Mint green
    • Cream yellow

  • How to refill:
    • Extract the eraser unit and put leads inside from the end of the barrel.  
  • How to replace:
    • The eraser needs to be replaced when it comes off on its own. Use your fingers to remove the used eraser and replace it with a new one.
    •  Place the new eraser and twist the eraser unit counterclockwise to store the eraser.
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