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SUNSTAR Sticker Examy Study Sticker

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  • A sticker that you can put on top of each other to see at a glance of what you are not good with, helping you to study better.
  • Small sized animal emoji style sticker, occupying less space on your textbook or notebook.
  • If you make a mistake once, stick the first sticker at the place you made mistake. And if you make the same mistake again, stick the 2nd or 3rd sticker on top of the 1st sticker.
  • The expression will change if you stick the stickers on top oif each other.
  • Improve your study by visualizing your weak points!
  • Available in 2 designs:
    • Bear & Cat.
  • Notes:
    • The sticker may not stick to dusty, oily, damp or uneven surface.
    • The is a risk of glue residue remained on papers, so please try it ona small area of the paper before using.
    • Avoid pasting the stickers directly on your skin as it may cause rashing.
    • The sticker may change colour/ fade away if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
    • Avoid storing it under direct sunlight.
    • Use & store out of reach of children.