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SUNSTAR Removable Sticker Peanuts Snoopy Vintage

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RM 24.00
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RM 24.00
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RM 24.00
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  • SUNSTAR Snoopy removable, reusable sticker.
  • Heat & water resistant.
  • Cute decorations for smartphone, mugs, water bottles etc.
  • Notes:
    • The stickers might not adhere well to uneven surfaces, curved surfaces, cloth & fabric surfaces.
    • Please wipe off any water, oil residue & dust before sticking to the surface.
    • Repeated peeling & sticking will weaken the stickiness of stickers.
    • It may become difficult to peel off or leaving adhesive residues if being left on for a long time.
    • Using dishwashing liquid or scrubbing with force may make the sticker easier to peel off.
    • Do not stick to the surface where directly contact with food.
    • Avoid sticking to your skin or put it in your mouth.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Avoid keeping the sticker in hot & humid space such as spaces under the direct sunlight.