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SUNSTAR Piri-it Sticky Notes Pop Up

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  • These fun page markes give new meaning to the term "study party"!
  • They start out with oneexpression, then change to another when you tear off the micro perforated top.
  • You can mark textbook pages that are confusing or giving you problems, then tear off the tops once you've figured them out. 
  • After tearing, the meaning of the pattern will be charged!!
  • The to-do list is clear at a glance, so convenient that you can check your work without mssing it.
  • There is a dotted line in the center of the new type of sticky note pattern.
  • Choose from these 5 type:
    • check    tear off top      
    • Look!    tear off top    ok!
    • 要确认!   tear off top   确认!
    • 要承认!    tear off top   承认!
    • 要修正!   tear off top   修正!

Check(S), Look!(s) and 要确认!(S): Each pack comes with 5 colours, each colours has 20 sheets.

Check(B), Look!(B) and 要确认!(B): Each pack comes with 3 colours, each colours has 20 sheets.

Amendment and Approval             : Each pack comes with 2 type, each type has 25 sheets.

SUNSTAR Piri-it Disney Sticky Notes:https://www.bunkuya.com/products/sunstar-piri-it-disney-sticky-notes