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SEED Radar Eraser 2B/4B/6B

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  • Easy to erase.
  • Not easy to break.
  • Specially coated surface great naming with pencil and water based ink pen.
  • Can be widely used from lower grades to upper grades. 

SEED "Radar" Eraser 2B

  • Designed for pencils that are commonly used in elementary school.
  • Suitable for 2B pencils.
SEED "Radar" Eraser 4B
  • Designed to be used for erasing 4B pencils that are widely used overseas.
  • It can erase 2B to 6B pencils.
SEED "Radar" Eraser 6B
  • Excellent for 6B pencils that are often used in lower grades and penmanship.
  • Can easily erase dark pencils.