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PLUS Whiper MR Correction Tape Antibacterial Refillable

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  • Inhibition of bacterial growth on the surface of products.
  • Contains an antibacterial agent in the plastic components of grip and refill case.
  • Refillable correction tape.
  • Tape length: 6 meter.
  • Available in 2 width sizes: 5mm & 6mm.
  • Made in Japan.


  • Do not open except when refilling.
  • Depending on the writing instrument being used, rewritten parts on the tape may occasionally be slightly feint.
  • Pens with sharp nibs may scratch the white tape.
  • If white tape sticks to your hands or clothes, wash off with water.
  • The applicator is designed to be durable enough to be refilled up to 10 times.
  • Do not store or leave beside open fire on in strong direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of the reach of infants.
  • Put the cap on the head after use.


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