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PLUS Twiggy Portable Pouch Size Scissor 100PF

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RM 21.90
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RM 21.90
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RM 21.90
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  • PLUS Twiggy series scissors
  • Fluorine-coated blades & rounded safety tip.
    • Can be use as etiquette scissors.
  • Bernoulli curve blade
    • Keep the best blade angle to grasp the cutting object.
    • Light & smooth sharpness from the base to the edge of the blades.
  • Long blade, convenient & efficient for cutting envelopes & clipping objects with length.
  • Easy operation with one hand.
    • Smart handle is designed to smoothly cut loose threads on cloth with one hand.
  • Distinctive secure locking structure that meets the natural finger movement.
    • Take off the cap & slide the handle to unlock.
    • Secure with automatic locking system. Even when the handle is left unlocked, it will lock automatically when the cap pushes in the handle.
  • Small & slim shape for easy carrying & portability.
  • Strap hole available for hanging keychains etc.
  • Scissor's length: 104mm/ Blade length: 30mm.
  • 3 colours available: Blue, pink & white.
  • Notes:
    • Please do not cut thick & hard objects with force.
  • Reference: https://bungu.plus.co.jp/en/product/cut/