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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Clear Barrel

RM 37.00
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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Clear Barrel

Comes with Pilot catridge (black).

Use with Converter 70, Converter 40 or Pilot Ink Cartridges.

Available in Extra fine, Fine & Medium nib sizes.

2 colors available: Grey Barrel & Clear Barrel.


  • Tinted demonstrator-style (transparent barrel/cap) body and a different smiling face carved on the nib.
  • Each pen features with a smiling face on the nib which facing you when you're holding the pen correctly.
  • Hexagonal cap and body prevents it from rolling off.
  • Cap is grooved for easy removal.
  • Pen nib and nesk can be soaked in a cup of water for easy cleaning.
  • Smooth to write.
  • Suitable for beginner and even children can write confortably with it.


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