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PILOT Frixion Ball Pen (Erasable) Set of 10's 0.5 / 0.7

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The Pilot Frixion Ball is part of the Frixion Series

It is a retractable erasable pen that allows you to write, remove and rewrite without the use of a correction tape

Pilot Pen has developed a thermo-sensitive gel ink which disappears once it reaches a temperature of more than 65°C

This can be achieved by using the rubber attached to Frixion Pen

Rubbing the ink using the rubber creates friction and heat, which causes the Frixion ink to disappear

The ink will reappear if you store your notes in a low temperature below -10°C

It is refillable with the BLS-FR5/7 & LFBKRF(12EF/12F)


  • Do not use this pen on legal or official documents and examinations


Individual Pilot Frixion Ball Pen is available:

Refills for Pilot Frixion Ball Pen is available: