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PaperMate Dryline Ultra Correction Tape Refillable 5mm

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RM 7.50
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RM 7.50
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  • Refillable correction tape.
  • Available 3 colours in store (Green, Blue, Pink).
  • Tape width: 5mmx6m
  • Tape Length: 6 meter
  • This correction tape compatible with Dryline Ultra Correction Tape Refill's.



  • Pen-style correction tape dispenser is easy to hold and easy to refill.
  • Pen-style is comfortable to hold for both right-handed and left-users.
  • Flip-back top makes it easy to refill.
  • Tip cover prevents tape from looping when in a bag or briefcase.

Usage instructions:

Place paper on firm flat surface. Position tip at an angle to the paper and slowly roll over the error. Maintain firm, even pressure. When area is covered stop and lift dispenser.

To refill:

  1. Open the top.
  2. Lift up the empty refill and slide it out.
  3. Slide the new refill in until a soft 'click' sound is heard.
  4. Finally snap shut the top.



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