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KOKUYO TA-GM802 Gloo Liquid & Refill

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RM 12.90
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RM 12.90
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RM 12.90
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Type: Strong adhesive

It is square stick glue, it is easy to paint on corners and details. It is hard to roll on the desk.

  • Liquid glue with a square sponge tip that allowed ease of application to corners.
  • Prevents glue from aticking out and smearing out and smearing onto your hands or surrounding objects.
  • The sponge tip doesn't only offer ease of application to the corners but also emphasizes the amount of application, ease of application and tip visibility during use.
  • The bottle shape allows ease of grip and evenly appling pressure during use while preventing glue from pouring out.
  • The cap has a square shape that prevents the product from rolling off.
  • The corners of the cap anf the main product can be easily aligned to assure a secure closure.

A refill with bottle's worth of glue is also available. The empty bottle can be replaced but the cap and sponge applicator can be reused.

Sources: https://www.kokuyostore.com/en_MY/new-products/decoration/gloo-liquid-glue/TA-GM80.html?dwvar_TA-GM80_color=WH001&dwvar_TA-GM80_product_type=DC_T033&quantity=1

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