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KOKUYO Jibun Techo Days Mini 2024 B6 Slim

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RM 123.45
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RM 123.45
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RM 189.90
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  • Kokuyo Jibun Techno Days Mini 2024.
  • A transparent outer cover protects an inner paper cover in a range of special colors. 
  • Size: Approximately (H190 X W120 mm).
  • Uses THIN paper: Uses KOKUYO's own THIN paper. Lightweight and low in show-through, it resists warping even when you rub out erasable ink.
    * Compared with conventional Tomoe River paper. 
  • It is neat and easy to write.
  • Divided in 2 books: The Jibun Techo Days planner comes as a set of two six-month diaries. Each of these is about the same thickness as a regular Jibun Techo diary, making it easy to carry around. 
  • 24 hours timeline: Our new design lets you keep two separate logs side by side, such as your work and family schedules, or your to-do list and life log.
  • Dates and days are printed on top.
  • Available in red, yellow and grey. 

Sources: https://www.kokuyo.com/en/products/jibun_techo/lineup/days.html