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KOKUYO Hako-ake 2 Way Scissors

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RM 79.90
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RM 79.90
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RM 79.90
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  • A handy pair of scissor with dual purposes!
  • Available in 4 options: 
    • Regular size (White: P412LM, Navy: PT412D)
    • Pocket size (Beige:420LS, Dark green: T420DG)
    • 2 types of blade: Standard & Titanium (Dark colour blade)
  • For regular size:
    • The newly developed 'Cutter mode' offers a switch on the scissors' body thet can be slid while you grip the scissors to let a 3mm blade protrude. This allows opening boxes with the main blades closed.
    • The 'Cutter mode' has a safety mechanism that prevents the blade from protruding when you ease the grip, even when the mode is selected.
    • The blade has a guard that allows you to use your index finger when cutting in 'Cutter mode'.
    • The '3D glue-free structure' minimizes the cutting area of the blades, protecting adhesives from sticking on the surfaces after cutting adhesive tape.
    • Includes a blade cover.
  • For pocket size:
    • It utilize a sliding mechanism that doesn.t require a covering. By gently squeezing the handle & sliding it, you can instantly switch between 'Cutter mode' & 'Scissor mode' with one hand.
    • The 'Cutter mode' allows opening cardboard boxes with the 3mm blade while the main blades are closed. The 'Scissor mode' allows cutting PP bands or clothing tags.
    • Allows easy opening by aligning the guide at the front of case to cardboard box.
    • Features a strap hole for tying string to hang the scissor.
  • Notes:
    • Do not cut hard objects or thick paper such as milk cartons or cardboard.
    • Use of these scissors other than its intended purpose can result in injury.
    • The use of scissors by children shall be under supervision of adults.
  • Source: https://www.kokuyostore.com/en_MY/search/?q=hacoake&lang=en_MY