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Faster Removable EZ-TACK 30g & 50g

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Suggestions for use: 

Mounts: Photos, map, charts, notices, calendars & greeting card.

Holes: Candles, flowers, pen, test-tubes, shell or coin collections.

Secures: Figurines, crystal, statues, collectibles, vases, plate holders.

Cleans: Keyboard keys, engraved parts. Also serves as a soft-leaded pencil eraser.

Beds: Nails, screws, washers, nuts & bolts- keeping them in place.

Fixes: Ink & blotting pads, telephone or calculators to desktops, tilting pictures.

How to use:

  1. Ensure all surfaces on which Ez-Tack is to be used are clean, dry & free from grease.
  2. Tear off the required amount & knead to a soft texture.
  3. Roll the Ez-Tack into shape & place between the surfaces.
  4. Press firmly to adhere.

 How to remove:

Roll Ez-Tack off from the surface. To remove remaining pieces, dab some Ez- Tack over the area. Once removed, Ez – Tack can be reused.


Ez-Tack should not be used on any absorbent, printed, silk-screened,stencilled or wallpaper surfaces. A  faint oily mark may sometime be left on the surfaces to move, use dry cleaning fluid or lighter fluid.