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Artpac Lettering Nylon Brush 131

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Brand: Artpac

Model: 131

Brush shape: Lettering

Brush Size: 000 / 00 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3

Brush Material: Nylon Bristle / Wooden body with aluminum ferrule.

A lettering brush is a very thin brush with very long bristles. 

It somewhat resembled the round brush, except it is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH smaller! 

Lettering brushes are best used for fine details in your artwork. 

The Long Liner shape is ideal for lettering, highlighting and fine, long strokes.

Artpac Nylon Lettering Brushes has more spring and flexible for outlines.

Recommend Art for Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting.