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PILOT Frixion Ball Knock Zone x Anna Sui

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RM 34.90
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RM 34.90
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RM 34.90
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Pilot Limited Edition Frixion Ball Knock Zone ANNA SUI Collaboration Design.

Following COLETO, the co-branded "FRIXION BALL ZONE" with ANNA SUI was launches on the zone body of the matte texture penshaft, adding ANNA SUI's classic colors "cat" & "flower" and also launched a GIFT SET which suitable for gift giving and personal use.

Type: Clip slide knock 

Material: Rubber metal

Nib size: 0.5mm

Ink: Premium Frixion Ink (water based gel ink).

Ink color: Black 


  • The nib adopts a "three-pronged structure", which tightly fixes the internal parts.
  • A spring is added to the button to reduce the sound of the button.
  • Each gift set consists of : 1 gel pen + 1 refill case with 2 metal refills (black ink).
  • Not suitable for things that should not be erased, such as certificates or importants documents.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures. If the ink exceeds 60'C, the ink will become colorless.