Sunstar Dot E Pen!

Sunstar Dot E Pen!

Hello, hello! Happy Sunday everyone! We wish you a nice day, may you achieve whatever you planned today!

In today's blog, we want to share a type of pen that is suitable for journaling and simple drawing such as pixel art!

The pen is Sunstar Dot E Pen! With lots of fun colour choices for you to pick!


There are a total of 16 colours available! All nice and vibrant! Great for making to do list or use it as a journaling pen!

You can "stamp" a square for jotting down your works to do, and you can tick it off using the fine tip of Dot E Pen to mark completion of the task!

Suitable for making pixellated arts too! The square tip is making the job easier!

Have a look at the illustration below for more creative ways of using it!

Grab yours now & start unleashing your creativity!

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