Love Writing Pens!

Love Writing Pens!

Hello peeps! How are you doing so far? We hope that March has been treating you awesome! 

In today's blog, lets share those writing pens that we love to use! Certain people put pens as very valuable item. You know why? Because, pen helps us create memories! We will jot down everything that is important - pen helps us being creative -  generating more ideas - pen helps us releasing stress! Hence, not only a good pen but smooth and comfy is very important to everyone!

Lets spice it up a lil bit with more colorful choice of pens. The first one is :

Pentel Energel

Pentel Energel Infree Gel Pen 0.5 (Available nib 0.5, 0.7, 1.0)

You will experience very smooth writing and the ink is vibrant. Definite satisfaction!

The second one will goes to :

pentel energel

Pentel Energel Cat Series Gel Pen 0.5 Black Ink

Yeah similar to the first one! But this one come with fancy barrel inspired by the cats body print! Love sangat!

The third one goes to :


Pilot Frixion Point Knock 0.4

Wuuu as y'all know Frixion by Pilot are all eraser able! and this 0.4 Frixion basically so good and smooth. It has thin barrel and cover with rubber to give comfort for you to write! We have 0.38 - 0.4 - 0.5 - 0.7 available as well ^_^

The last but not least :


Zebra Vintage Sarasa Clip 0.5

This vintage color is so nice ~ will enhance your vintage journal theme. Give absolute smooth finishing, comfort gripping and waterproof! Wohooo!

What one thing in this world that everyone will somehow/anyhow will use is pen! Share this perfect experience with your love ones by giving them gift! Definitely will cheer people up especially those who love colorful pens